The barakah space is inspired by this concept of duality, contrast and balance

Our Space

In yoga, the word hatha is symbolically translated as ha (Sun) and tha (Moon). In this way, Hatha Yoga can be understood as the path of union between the solar and lunar energies within us. Similarly, in Taoism, yang is solar, masculine energy and yin is lunar, feminine energy. Together, they epitomize the twofold and complementary character of the Universe.

The barakah space is inspired by this concept of duality, contrast and balance. 

Taking this concept into consideration, the 2 studio classrooms can be called the Sun Room & the Mood Room. The design of the 2 rooms are different to give the customers different experiences when they come for different classes. 


Our rooms are designed to provide the best experience to maximise your mind and body workouts. From minimally designed airy classrooms with real wooden floors to achieve a warm feel, smooth enough to glide when needed for yoga poses. As well as controlled lighting so they are not overly stimulant to the mind to allow for a zen and meditative state.


Our space is also equipped with all the amenities you may require such as shower, changing rooms, lockers, vanity area and bathroom. You can also make use of our lounge where you can help yourself to freshly brewed tea and relax before or after your class.


Browse our retail section to shop for curated boutique offering items such as work-out gear inspired by our Barakah concept.

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Hilal Building, shop #3, Al Muweilah, Sharjah, U.A.E.

+971 56 1171593